Will someone meet us at the apartment when we arrive in Paris?
Yes. Sam, our apartment Manager, will meet you at the apartment when you arrive. If you arrive very early in the morning, or late at night, we will make arrangements with you to find the keys to get in. You will receive full instructions to this effect prior to your arrival, and Sam will be sure to contact you ahead of time, in order to coordinate your arrival details and plan for a smooth check-in.
This does not necessarily apply to Provence, as it is is impossible for us to predict what time you would be arriving.So we usually leave the keys for you in a secure area.

Can you arrange for airport pickup/transportation?
Yes. We can organize a pick-up car with chauffeur to pick you up or take you back to the airport and/or train station. Prices for airport transportation are slightly higher than for a taxi (Sam will communicate updated rates prior to your arrival), but it is usually well worth it. For the chauffeur knows our apartments and can help you with the luggage. Also, they usually take care of warning us of any trafic delays when we are waiting for you at the apartment.

Can we arrive earlier than the check-in time?
Maybe. If nobody was staying in the apartment the night before, then there's no problem at all. Otherwise, it all depends if there is someone else checking out that morning. Normally, most of our mostly American guests check out early in the morning, since most flights departing to the US leave early. If that's the case, there's no problem in checking-in earlier, but you'll probably run into some housekeeping activity. You can then just drop your bags and go out for a walk, until the apartment is ready for you. However, should this not be the case, Sam can always find a solution to store your luggage, so that you can freely walk around Paris, until the check-in time.

Can we leave later than the check-out time?
Same thing: it depends on whetehr someone else is checking in that day or not. If nobody is checking in, then there's no problem staying later than the check-out time. And if that's not possible, Sam can always find a solution to store your luggage, so that you can freely walk do your things, until you are ready to leave.

Do you provide a computer for Internet use?
No. We tried this and it was a real mess. You'll need to bring your laptop with you. Most of our properties have WIFI connections. For those few that don't, you'll receive full instructions on how to connect to the Internet. Soon, all of apartments will be WIFI-enabled.

Is the Internet free?

Are ther any internet cafés in Paris?
Yes. They are everywhere.

What is your booking procedure?
We normally ask for (1) a lease to be signed and (2) a 50% deposit to be paid at booking date to confirm your dates, with (3) the balance due 60 days prior to arrival date. (4) A damadge deposit check is also due at that time. See our Terms & Conditions page for full details to tis effect.

What is your cancellation policy?
In the event of cancellation, we retain a pro-ratio portion of the rental fee as follows:
1. 50% of the total rental fee if the cancellation is notified 31 days or more before the start of rental period;
2. 100% if cancellation is notified during the 30 days before the start of rental period.
A travel insurance with trip cancellation clause is strongly recommended, but not an oblgation.
See the Terms & Conditions page for full details to tis effect.

Do you cash in the security deposit cheque?
No. Not unless there is real damadge, in which case we will let you in advance. In most cases, when there was damadge, guests have preferred to settle this directly with us, before leaving. We keep the cheque with us until after your departure. If all is in order, we will destroy the cheque, or if you ask for it, we will mail it back to you. Luckily, we've never had to cash a cheque until now.

Do you accept personal cheques for the security deposit cheque?
Yes. No need to get a banker's cheque.

Do you accept credit cards?
Not yet. We sometimes agree to get paid with PayPal, but not always. Plus there is usually a 5% surcharge on the total payment, in order to cover PayPal's hefty fees. Our preferred method of payment is by wire transfer. We will email you full details to provide your to bank to ensure that all is accomplished smoothly, for both you and your banker.

Who takes care of cleaning before and after we leave?
The apartment should be clean and ready for your arrival, unless you arrive early and the cleaning is still being performed. Concerning the final cleaning, you are not expected to do it, since it is included in your price. However, you are expected to leave the property in the same general condition as when you found it. See our Terms & Conditions page for full details to tis effect.

Can we organize extra cleaning sessions during our stay?
Yes. It can be arranged. There will be an extra charge for this, though. See our Services page for full details to tis effect.

Can out-of town friends stay with us?
You are not allowed to exceed the number of people that you agree on in your contract, or the number of people that the apartment can take. Should you have extra guests, and should you be in an apartment that can still accomoodate them, you'll be charged for extra sheets and towels. See our Services page for full details to tis effect.

Whom do we call in case of a problem or an emergency?
Sam, our apartment Manager, or any of us. You can find all of our coordinates on our About Us page.

What is included in your price?
Everything: Final cleaning, sheets & towels, utilities, Internet access, telephone, taxes, bank fees, etc. We provide a few extra services for a charge, such as extra cleaning sessions. See our Services page for full details to tis effect.

Are there any extra or hidden fees such a utilities for the air conditioning?
No. When you get a price quotation from us, everything is usually included.

Are there any references that we could contact?
Besides what you can read about us in our Testimonials page, you can ask for reference contacts at any time you like.

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